Armed with decades of collective experience, Maargeen’s goal is to make every graduate and post graduate student find worthy employment. And for that, Maargeen has developed a unique set of Training and Mentoring programs that enable students to be successful throughout their professional journey. Students are mentored by senior Industry Experts and Trainers, who are rich in experience across different sectors and leadership levels.

Our Process

On the other hand, Maargeen believes there is no one-size that fits all models and every organization has its unique requirements. Maargeen provides a range of flexible and customized Human Resource Solutions to the corporate world with an aim to reduce the HR burden of the organization.

A unique aspect of Maargeen mentorship is the long-term association with its students. The programs do not end with completion of the course but continues for the first five years of their professional career too. Maargeen is totally committed to helping students get placements with good corporates. Post placement, Maargeen focuses and tracks the progress of each student and pays extra attention if required, to help them grow.