About ArthaBodh

"Arthabodh" is a comprehensive financial literacy initiative designed to instill a sense of financial responsibility and knowledge in young minds. This program comprises a three-level competitive exam in Financial Literacy, spanning across three years. The levels are categorized as Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, offering a progressive learning experience for students. The target audience for Arthabodh is students from Std 6 to Std 8.

Program Details


  • History and concept of money
  • Banking basics
  • Basics of investment
  • Introduction to financial planning
  • Insurance
  • Consumer rights and protection


  • Digital payments
  • Investment in shares and mutual funds
  • Securities market
  • Use of technology - Dos and Don'ts
  • Scams, frauds and ponzi schemes
  • GST and income tax


  • Microfinance
  • Investment risk and return
  • Power of compounding
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Prevention of money laundering
  • Tax-saving investments and tax-free bonds

Benefits to Arthabodh School

  • School to “Stand Out” from peers
  • Alignment with NEP 2020 Goals
  • Offering a very valuable life skill to students
  • Preparing students to lead a Financially Resilient Lifestyle
  • Monitoring Tool/Dashboard to school management
  • Reporting to school management Monthly & Yearly
  • Impact Analysis
  • Continuous Support

Benefits to Students

  • Fostering Financial Acumen
  • Life Skills
  • Financial Security
  • Scholarships

Monitoring Structure


  • Report Access Provided to students, parents as well as school management.
  • Easily access student reports anytime.
  • Detailed reports will be delivered from LetsTute fortnightly.

Content Deliverables




Flash Cards

Student Specific Assessments

Live projects for Students

Offers Scholarship

Login IDs and passwords.

Test Date
2nd Feb 2025

Fee (GST included)
₹ 975/-

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