With 75% of top 100 companies using psychometric testing as part of their recruitment process, it is perhaps the key to any good appointment. At Maargeen, we offer well-developed scientific psychometric assessments which are highly accurate and helpful for measuring facets of a person's character, abilities or suitability for a specific career or role.


Maargeen’s psychometric tests are a holistic approach towards knowing more about a candidate and come as a bonus to complement the hiring process to help you make a more informed decision to select the right candidate. It assesses a candidate’s mental ability and behavioural style to offer crucial insights into cognitive ability and reveal their underlying potential.

There are two types of primary tests – Personality and Ability tests.

  • Personality test
    Our personality test is a great way to evaluate a candidate’s suitability based on their behaviour and the way in which they approach their work. It is usually presented as a questionnaire and it explores behaviour, attitudes, preferences, motives and values.
  • Ability test
    Our ability test is aimed at assessing a specific or general set of skills required to perform the role. They normally involve numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning tests with visuals that need interpreting.

Your Benefits

Our tests are

  • Objective
    Scores are not affected by any personal beliefs or values.
  • Standardized
    Administered under controlled conditions to be consistent for the results to be accurate.
  • Reliable
    Minimizes and quantifies any intrinsic errors
  • Predictive
    Accurate prediction of performance
  • Non-discriminatory
    unbiased about gender, culture, ethnicity, etc.

Our tests help you

  • Identify those with the most potential
  • Ensure the right culture fit
  • Identify leadership potential in job applicants
  • Accurately test general intelligence of applicants
  • Save time and money in the recruitment process