Conducting a background verification before making an offer to a candidate is crucial to avoid making a bad hire. Background investigations help you protect the company from negative publicity, protect your assets, and make your current employees feel safe and comfortable at work.

Whether it is employment history

Whether it is employment history, education history, criminal history, consumer credit records, motor vehicle records, social media or personal references, we offer expert RPO services that ensure the integrity of the organization and the safety of employees. We can design an employee screening program specially customized to your company’s needs.

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When you are known for making background checks before hiring, applicants with shady backgrounds will refrain from applying or a job that goes through a comprehensive background check. You will have quality applications coming in.

Our complete background checks help to weed out applicants who may pose a threat to the workplace environment. It effectively reduces the risk of future workplace disturbance or problems.

Competent employees help to build a strong workforce and are less likely to leave the company or encourage others to leave. Hence, background checks can help to reduce employee turnover in your company.

We can develop a screening solution for your company that meets industry standards and also regulatory needs which may vary by state and job type.

The negligent hiring legal theory holds employers liable for injuries caused by their employees. You can reduce the risk of negligent hiring liability by incorporating a background checking program into your hiring process.

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